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SSIP Membership and Certification Services

All the knowledge, guidance and support you need to obtain the accreditation you require – from initial enquiry to final certification

The right people for the right certification

Ensuring your accreditations and certifications are up to date is vital to maintaining a safe and compliant workplace.

At IDM Safety Solutions, through our network of partners, we can help you renew your existing health and safety certification or gain the new certification you need to comply with the regulations.

What is Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP)?

SSIP is an umbrella body for assessment schemes with the common goal of reducing both health and safety assessment costs and duplication for both buyers and suppliers in the supply chain.

A challenge for contractors is the labour of being assessed by multiple health & safety schemes to access work with different clients. This is where an SSIP membership can help as it will satisfy the prequalification health & safety requirements of many buyers.

SSIP Membership and Certification Services

IDM Safety Solutions and Certification

We understand that the process of accreditation and certification can be complex and time-consuming.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive service, designed to take the hassle out of the process and help you get the certification you need for your business or project!

IDM Offer

Convenient and easy to use membership and certification services
Support and guidance from industry experts
A wide range of accreditations and certifications
Fast turnaround times on applications

As an accredited member of SSIP, IDM Safety Solutions offers a comprehensive range of health and safety services to support your business. We will help you obtain the certification you need, from initial consultation and advice through to final certification.

Looking to renew or gain accreditation, certification or SSIP membership?